Broadloom Carpets


Our range of Polypropylene Broadloom Carpets come in both, cut-pile as well as loop pile construction. While cut‐pile carpets are constructed with fibers that are sheared at a uniform level and tightly twisted yarns, Loop‐pile carpets are classic and durable carpets that are a great choice for any room setting. Overall PP Broadloom Carpets provide the best value for use in the commercial as well as hospitality sectors.


Vitofloor’s Nylon Broadloom Carpets represent high-quality carpets made from innovative, silk gloss polyamide fibres produced using the latest yarn technology, a technical advance that matches the requirements of modern homes and provides a new cost atmosphere. The collection offers beautiful, textile floor coverings to brighten up the space and add charm to the interior. Collectively it is a broad selection that helps you personalize your home or commercial setting.