Hardwood Flooring


Junckers is Europe’s leading manufacturer of solid wood flooring for the residential, sports and commercial segments. All of its floors are produced in Denmark and are therefore developed based on the solid traditions of Danish craftsmanship and design, which ensures unique and durable floors of quality. The Junckers range of solid wood flooring offers a variety of contemporary colours, styles and grades allowing you to create a distinctive style and atmosphere for each room whilst ensuring a quality floor for life. 


The classic hardwood wood floor has always been Vitofloor’s signature product. Vitofloor carefully monitors its manufacturing processes at each level and most importantly at the drying, where our flooring is carefully kiln dried for a minimum of 3 weeks until the aimed moisture content is achieved. Available in multiple widths, stains and textures, our hardwood flooring can be highly customised to give a unique appeal to your room.