Laminate Flooring


Krono Original group is amongst worlds largest producers of laminate flooring. With a history spanning over 100 years, the product is aesthetically pleasing and meets Europe’s highest quality standards.  The entire collection offers robust surfaces that resists wear and tear and provides protection against micro-scratches. All material used in the product such as coreboards, adhesives, impregnates are made by Krono, thus making them vertically integrated and gives total control on processes. The result is in the end product, floorings with a natural look and feel having all purpose application and ease of maintenance. Whether classical or modern, opulent or puristic, Krono Original offers top quality products to turn even the simplest of rooms into a unique, cosy living space.


AGT Laminate Floors are designed to make an impression with extraordinary conceptions with its color pallet and multiple series offerings. An effective substitute to real wood floors, AGT floorings are inspired by the beauty of nature to create a simple yet trendy colors and textures. Topped with a design layer and protected by a hardened melamine surface, these floors are meant to last a minimum 10 years. 


The Vitofloor range of laminate flooring is a carefully designed collection of high quality, durable, versatile and elegant floors. The entire series captures the true essence of solid wood flooring while providing highly resistant and long lasting floors. Vitofloor with its timeless collections and one of the widest range offering in the country, has steadily built up an enviable reputation in the world of laminate floors and is fast becoming the choice in residential and commercial establishments.